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Hologram TechnologyA Reality

Life Display is a technology and marketing company offering an exclusive, white glove experience to put hologram technology to work for you, your business or organization. The benefits and capabilities are simply revolutionary.

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Beam yourself live to anywhere in the world or sell your brand in a hologram marketplace.

Proto is the technology....Life Display makes it a reality!

About Life Display

Proto is our first innovative delivery mechanism designed to Revolutionize the way we communicate.

Our only competition is live and in person.

Beam Anywhere

Go live around the globe to one or multiple networked machines simultaneously.

Ideal for entertainers, politicians, educators, corporations or anyone with a message to share.

Lease and Advertise

Lease your Proto machine from Life Display, place it in a high traffic location and generate monthly income from advertising within the Life Display Network.

Live Events

Rent your Proto hologram machine from Life Display for your next event or show.

Proto is the genius behind the magic of this unprecedented communication.

Life Display makes it a reality....

This amazing technology is only amazing if you know how to make it work for you! We turn the wow into how. Here are some examples of how it can be used.

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Broadcast your brand and know if the audience is watching!

At the end of this year, Life Display will be able to capture 250 data points on every Proto machine within the Life Display Network. So when people stop and watch, we can capture their facial expressions, age, demographics and other critical data that will give advertisers a true picture of who is and who isn’t watching.


We will prove ROI

Using this amazing AI technology, when your advertising runs within the Life Display Network, we will be able to report on true data, not estimates based on traffic patterns or subscriptions.


We can Manage it for you!

At Life Display, we can either teach you how to use this cloud based software, or we can manage it for you.


Smart Device Ready

You can capture and manage your content using your smart phone and devices.


Our Clients Quotes

Pastor Randy Bezet
Pastor Randy Bezet

Bayside Community Church Pastor

“Thanks to Life Display, we were able to use this technology during a conference with more than 1,000 pastors from around the country. This helped cast a vision of how our ministry could be enhanced with technology such as Proto. We also used it at a men’s event where I introduced our guest speaker direct from the Proto. And perhaps my favorite application thus far was during our next generation service hosted by our teens and young leaders, where I was able to interact directly with the attendees from “inside” the Proto box. We are really excited about this technology as our heart is to reach people and share the gospel with them, so now we have another amazing resource to connect with people virtually and share about Jesus Christ”.